New year celebration at PHC

Without festivals and celebrations, man would have gone mad centuries ago.. Hence to retain our sanity at workplace, New year is celebrated every year at our Block Primary Health Centre.. Thanks to our BMO for initiating this event and continuing it every year..

I took part for the first time and I feel it’s worth writing something about this day..

Black ladies

I’m lucky as I found a group of lady doctors of my age group who are willing to follow a colour code every time we meet.. We have a WhatsApp group which becomes active on the day before we meet (mostly review meetings), to discuss about our dress code.. Red for the first time, Green saree once, Peacock for Dr.Resha’s daughter’s birthday party, Yellow for my son’s birthday party and VIBGYOR once.. But this time, we wanted to be different and chose to wear Black saree, which is my favourite.. Thanks to our bridge, Dr.Resha for her colour code initiative..

At least a little bit of time should be spent on photography as toooo much of time is spent on draping saree and make up.. So we took as much selfies as possible and made use of everybody who accidentally smiled at us..


A celebration is incomplete without food.. We had delicious mutton biriyani, chicken fry, curd rice and other biriyani accessories.. All set to participate in the following fun games..

Welcome dance

What a performance!!! I kept laughing throughout the dance.. Couldn’t roll over the floor and laugh as I had to keep up my decorum and protect my silk saree..

The song was played using the latest technology available : a mic held against a cellphone’s speaker..🎀

The best part is, the dancers (female staffs) made entry 3 times.. At first, everyone entered with a piece of cloth on their hands and started dancing.. Then the senior staff shouted, “hey, thappu thappu.. You stand there and you stand here.. Stop the song..”.. They left the stage and re-entered with the same piece-of-cloth dance.. The senior staff stopped again and they had a small practice on stage.. They re-entered again and danced non-stop.. πŸ™πŸ™ The best performer is the senior staff who is about to retire in 3 months..


Our dentist, a well-known singer, performs in every occasion.. But this time, he chose to portray his creativity rather than his singing ability.. He beautifully displayed the transition in love songs since 1950s, by choosing the most popular romantic song every five years..It started with ival senthamizh then mozhiyal.. Undoubtedly it ended with “evandi unna pethan pethan.. Avan kaila kedacha sethan sethan”..

Then came a man with a beautiful voice whose mesmerising performance was interrupted every time he took a breath.. It was the crowd, including me, who clapped believing that the song ended every time he stopped for a breath..πŸ‘πŸ‘

I should write about the group song in which, the lyrics caught our attention.. They stole music from the song enge antha vennila, enge antha vennila?? and incorporated their public health lyrics enge ratha sogaye, enge ratha sogaye?? (where is anaemia, where is anaemia??).. Tears started pouring out from my eyes..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

After a few more events, the fun games started in which I had a part..I’ll write about it in my next post..


UKG Part 2

Back to kindergarten me.. Here I’ve compiled a few more incidents that flash in my mind when I ruminate on my UKG days..

Neil Armstrong

I came to know about this great man, as the man who first landed on the moon, when I enacted like him in the fancy dress competition.. My mom, who had zero idea about this make over, wanted me to perform this role.. Obviously, a make over came out which is not even accidentally remotely related to this image. .

My mom got the help of an uncle (my uncle’s friend), who came to school with a helmet and some accessories.. I’m dressed in a black suit which is the second good dress shopped by my dad from Kuwait.. The helmet, heavier than my head, is placed on my head.. A black bag, with some weightless stuffs inside just to fill it, is hung on my back. Then a tube, which I remember is an intravenous infusion set, is tied connecting the helmet and the bag.. Then he handed over a long stick to me and enacted how to use it.. Mr.Neil Armstrong is all set to land on the moon..

I landed on stage with this bizarre make over just to see the perplexed audience.. I made some different walking moves with the stick hitting the floor.. After several years, I realised that a stick must be used by Neil Armstrong to walk on the moon without gravity.. As I googled now, I couldn’t find any image of him holding a stick.. Despite all these puzzling factors, I bagged second prize.. Still thinking how!! πŸ™„

Rosy videos

She is the same Rosy whom I mentioned in my earlier post, seven stars.. She was not my friend back then.. All I knew about her was that her dad owned a video coverage shop and she had a swelling on the left side of her forehead, which was congenital according to her.. Her dad’s shop was named Rosy videos.. Everybody at school called her Rosy videos.. This made me believe that her full name is Rosy videos.. This belief remained till my innocence waned off..

Her dad made a video coverage of our UKG school day(I think free of cost).. After the video cassette got ready, it was played in our sisters’ convent, with all the kids watching… For the initial few minutes, title song is played in which Rosy alone is seen.. We were awed looking at her walking and running back and forth through bushes..

Fighter boy

I forgot this boy’s name, but his face is still clear in my mind.. All I remember about this guy is he fights, fights and fights… He starts his performance from the very next second after the teacher leaves the classroom and pretends like a quite boy once the next teacher arrives.. We leave enough space for the fighters to make sure that we don’t get hurt..


Remember the last time you confessed?

Mine was about two and a half years back, which was a heartful one..Confession is a sacrament which helps Catholics to repent for their sins and to ask God’s forgiveness.. It keeps us sin-free at least for a week that succeeds..

But it is not the case when I was a kid..

MG School

I studied in MG School, which is a Christian school, for ten long years.. This is where I made a lot of good memories and good friends.. This school played a major role in moulding me perfectly..

There’s a church in the school campus, where we pray on every Wednesday.. Everybody holds a song book and sings together.

Holy day

A holy mass is conducted on a Friday, every month. This is in fact a jolly day, as it sacrifices two class hours, which mostly includes history class (a separate post is needed to describe about this class).. Most of the students attend the mass while some remain in the classroom.. Senior students who are assigned to maintain discipline in these classrooms, do their best to entertain these kids..

I remember a proud look pasted on my face when we leave for the mass.. The same look reappears on my face, in the church, when it’s time for the holy communion (sorry dear God!!)..

After the holy mass ends, older kids get the privilege of sacrificing two more classes by taking part in confession.. We sit in the church with utmost silence, preparing a list of our sins.. When it’s my turn to confess, the proud face reappears for the third time.

I have a set of five decent sins which I repeat every time I confess..(Hope everyone has the same set of sins..)

  1. I fight with my mom.
  2. I fight with my little brother.
  3. I lie sometimes.
  4. I don’t pray regularly.
  5. I don’t control my anger.

Rev.Father shower some prayer advice after I finish this..

My friend had a different experience once.. Like everybody, she spent some minutes on recalling her sins.. But she had a black out when she was about to recount her sins.. After a minute of silence, Rev.Father showered some prayer advice and she left.. She shared this little secret with me..

Hoping to have a sincere confession in the near future.. πŸ˜ƒ

UKG Part 1

Childhood is certainly the best phase of everyone’s life, kindergarten being the cutest part… Travel with me down the memory lane and let’s re-visit some of my UKG memories..

My Birthday

At school, teachers and friends do their best to make birthday baby feel like the star of the day.. The new dress and extra smile add to the beauty of the birthday kid.. She’s always surrounded by a bunch of kids who accompany her in distributing chocolates..

I used to get coffee bite for most of my birthdays.. It was my favourite toffee back then.. I miss it’s taste as it is missing in the new one..

My UKG birthday was so special to me as I got some memorable gifts from our principal.. Every kid’s birthday was celebrated in the school assembly, so was mine.. Together they sang the happy birthday song as I stood infront of everyone.. Then I distributed toffees to all the kids and teachers..

Then our principal Rev.Sister gave away these wonderful gifts : a balloon, a small golden safety pin and a colourful beaded hairband.. What better gift can a UKG kid receive??!! I was the happiest kid in the whole world..

My first dance

I performed my first solo dance on stage when I was in UKG.. The same dance was performed one more time when I was in first std.. That marked an end to my dance life.. πŸ˜‚

My mom who was a great dancer when she was young(as she said), expected the same from her daughter and enrolled me in a dance class.. It was Bharatanatiyam (dance of tamilnadu) which is the world’s most difficult dance requiring graceful movements and facial expressions.. Within a few days, our dance guru and me realised that this dance thing is not my cup of tea.. So he taught me an easier dance for half of a song, which I decided to perform for my UKG school day..

The school day: My dance guru arranged a makeup man who painted something on my face to make it white, pure white.. Then a bright red lipstick is painted on my lips and some coloured feathers are planted on my hair.. He made sure that the makeup is more bizarre than the dance that is to be performed..A closely related image is attached..

I did an uneventful performance.. The only eventful thing is, my mom had to stop the song in between as I was taught for only half of the song..

Wound Healer

Back then we kids had the belief that scrapings from coconut tree leaves are powerful wound healers.. Once our friend, Ajay Varun, came to school with a fresh injury on his knee.. During break, we took him near a coconut tree, collected as much scrapings as possible and spread over his wound.. Poor guy, didn’t utter a word!!

My first award – Sunshine blogger award

Thank you dear Divya Krishnan for nominating me for this award.. It means a lot. It makes me feel like I’m a real blogger.. She’s my school buddy and is a bank of words. Do visit her blog, merry motherhood, and find many new words..Her posts definitely fascinate first time mommies with incidents they can relate to.. Her works inspired me as a blogger and as a first time mommy..

Here are the rules of the award:

    1. To thank the persons who nominated you and link the post back to them.
    2. Display the Sunshine Blogger Award picture on your post.
    3. Answer the 11 questions the nominator gave you.
    4. Nominate 11 bloggers who motivate you.
    5. Provide 11 questions to your nominees.

My answers for her questions :

1.What prompted you to start writing?

It was my husband who insisted me to write something.. I had no idea about blogging.. With his help, I opened an anonymous account which was left with zero content for several days.. My husband, who must be bored of listening to my same old stories several times, asked me to write something related to that.. So, here is my page Memories to let everyone travel with me down the memory lane..

2.How has your blog changed you as a person?

Indeed, it has changed me into a happier person, a deeper thinker and a creative person.. I feel, blogging is a good addiction.. The most important thing is, it stopped me from doing unnecessary online shopping as it used to be my hobby earlier..

3.Assuming you read books, name that one book which you often quote from.

I’m not a book-reader type.. I’ve read some of Chetan Bhagat novels and a few volumes of Ponniyin Selvan.. The thing is, I feel really guilty when I read non-subject books as I have a hell of a lot of books to read for PG preparation(those books are safe in my cupboard)..

4.Name that one writer whose works you keep going back to read.

It’s a difficult question.. Pass..πŸ˜‚

5.Assuming you listen to music, what is that one song that you feel was written for you.

AR Rahman’s ever fresh “chinna chinna aasai” from the movie Roja..

6.Assuming yet again that you watch movies, name that one movie that made you rethink the way you lived your life.

Rajini’s Kaala.. The director, Ranjith has done a great job which pulled me into the movie and helped me realise some facts..

7.Who is that one person you love so much that you hate yourself for it? (in other words that one person you cannot imagine life without?

I cannot imagine my life without my husband and my baby boy.. But I’m really happy about it.

8.What is your worst fear?

Derangement in the flow of my life.. I pray daily for my close ones to be healthy..

9.What motivates you to wake up each day?

My son’s cry.. This little guy depends entirely on me and he’s the one who keeps me running all day with 100% energy..

10.Given a choice, would you hike up a mountain or go diving in the ocean?

I’m familiar with the sceneries up in the mountain.. So I would like to explore the world deep in the ocean..

11.Happiness or contentment? Why?

I think happiness follows contentment.. Happiness can be attained only if we are satisfied with what we have.

My nominees for this award are:

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6.Shobha Iyer

7.A supertired mom

8.Claudia matias

9.The perks of being different

10.Backpack with Radhika


Questions for my nominees:

  1. What prompted you to start blogging?
  2. What is your advice for fellow bloggers?
  3. Which character of yours makes you really proud?
  4. What is the happiest moment of your life?
  5. What is the first thing that you would ask for if God appears infront of you?
  6. What are the pros and cons of blogging?
  7. What is your favourite tourist destination? Describe briefly about it.
  8. What is your favourite food? Describe
  9. What is your favourite phase of your life? Why?
  10. What is the one thing that you want to do daily, but unable to do?
  11. Who is your real life superhero?

Pongalo pongal

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Fire who is getting hitched in a day.. She is the one who introduced me this great festival and included me in her celebration almost every year that followed..

Pongal is said to be thamizhar thirunal but unfortunately it’s not celebrated in our place.. Neither we celebrate onam that well as I hail from a place where we are considered neither thamizhans nor malayalis (Kanyakumari district of courseπŸ˜‚)

Pongal is certainly a cheerful festival which pulls and binds family members together with everyone’s active participation.


This is the reason why I visit her home every year on Pongal…

Fire’s mom and aachi wake up early in the morning to make special sweets like chakkara pongal and susiyam.. I wake up smelling the aroma of these sweets and get ready really fast..

We sit on mat and breakfast is served on banana leaves.. It usually has idli, dosa, ulunthu vada, aama vada, sambar, two types of chutney, chakkara pongal and susiyam… Yum yum menu.. Her mom is a great cook with hands that add extra taste even for simple dishes..

Then comes ven pongal which is the hero of pongalo pongal.. After putting a kolam, a small brick stove is set on that, infront of the house.. A decorated clay pot is placed on it and the ingredients like rice and water are dropped in it.. We people sit around this and start our photo shoot.. I should mention, Fire is photo freak and my mobile camera is dusted and used whenever I meet her and my photo freak cousin Shina..

When pongal starts steaming and frothing, we shout,“pongalo pongal” and try to make that lo-lo-lo-lo-lo sound, with one person capturing photos or videos… Ven pongal is ready.. But it should be accompanied by pongal kuzhambu for a tasty meal..

I start drooling as a think about this pongal kuzhambu.. It is the yummiest dish I’ve ever tasted.. Fire’s mom, please post its recipe as the perfect recipe is not available in any website.. It is made using all vegetables available except bitter gourd which is prepared as a separate kootu.. The concept is, all vegetables must be made use of, as it is uzhavar thirunal.. Veggies peeling and cutting is done at the living room,which involves everyone’s participation.

The same mat and different banana leaf for lunch but with yummier dishes.. Ven pongal with pongal kuzhambu and paavakka kootu..


It is mandatory to put Rangoli infront of the house.. So, with all the colour powders available, me and Fire, who is also a poor kolam-putter, start our project rangoli.. We browse for the simplest rangoli available and draw an outline using kola maavu (white powder).. Then colouring is done using colour powders.. At college I had this habit of accompanying Rangolians telling them,”I know coloring” (even though I had zero practice in it).. So using our little exposure, we manage to complete the so called Rangoli..

Modern Aachi

Another thing that I like about pongal is catching up with Fire‘s paternal grandma who likes to be called Aachi.. She is so modern that she owns more than two smart phones and is active in facebook and WhatsApp.. She changes her dp more often than I do.. The best thing is, she uses Ponds Age Miracle.. She updates herself with the latest cinema news that even youngsters are not aware of.. She owns a digital camera which captures most of our group photos.. She attends a yoga class and practices yoga everyday.. I wish every elderly people have such happiness and positivity..

Dear Fire, wish you a happy married life.. Hope we will celebrate upcoming Pongals together with our families..πŸ™Œ

Shakalaka Babies

I’m bored of staying as a four year old kid.. So I’ve decided to relive my college days by sharing some of my favourite moments in college..

I was fortunate to have studied in a Govt Medical college just 40kms away from home.. Before stepping into college, I had this assumption that medical college is kinda boring, filled with studious people..No, it’s a myth.. Within a few months, I realised that medical college is fun.. Yeah, it’s no less than an arts college..

We celebrate every occasion including gala cultural events.. The best part is, we students have to arrange everything from A to Z.. The organising batch is usually a senior batch with a chairman, male and female general secretaries, cultural secretaries, sport secretaries, magazine secretaries and thamil mantram secretaries.. All the junior batches participate and one batch wins the overall trophy πŸ†

2009-2010 Culturals

This culturals is very important for me and 4 other girls because this is when we took group song competition to vera level (something greatπŸ˜‰).. Personally, it’s my favourite among the three we performed in college.. The other two songs left no trace..

Please don’t imagine a breathtaking performance by a hi-fi band.. It’s the worst group song one could ever see.. But we did it with great enthusiasm and the crowd really enjoyed it… That’s all needed..πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

Shakalaka baby

On the day before culturals, we came to know that one more team has to participate in the group song competition from our batch.. So me and three other girls – Fire, Kavi, Vinya and Devayani decided to participate.. Five girls with five different voices..

While all the other teams were ready with their best songs with karaoke, we were searching for songs and clicked Shakalaka baby song from the movie Mudalvan.. Got the lyrics and wrote on a paper.. But we couldn’t get a good karaoke.. Provided with less time, we decided to do our best with our voice alone..

Okay girls, start music.. We started practicing but it felt bare without karaoke and our voices didn’t blend well.. “So we are not gonna grab a prize.. Let’s just entertain the crowd”..

On the next day, we got ready in our best outfits and came to the auditorium.. Most of the other teams took our breath away with their rocking performances.. Another team from our batch blissed us out with their soulful melody..

So we decided to find a property to add colour to our song.. A creative girl plucked a balloon sticked on the wall and painted the word “No” on it..I took the balloon and the other girls painted No on their palms..

It’s our turn.. We reached the stage with the no balloon in my hand.. We started singing, sorry shouting or screaming (put a word you like).. “shakalaka baby shakalaka baby…” The crowd started shouting and screaming in return.. We sang in our own way sans obligations, with utmost confidence that winning is far away..The best performer is our No Balloon which jumps and dances when we sing “no no no no no no no….” I waved the balloon and others waved their palms during this part of the song.. Somehow managed to finish singing without raw eggs and tomatoes from the crowd..

On our way back from stage, we received multiple comments like “Ppaaahh…power-packed performance”, “This is what entertainment is.. We really enjoyed..” but the best one is, “enna thairiyathula ma neenga stage’la poi paadineenga?? “ I’m still thinking what to reply..🀣🀣