“Seven Stars”

So it’s time to write about these bunch of girls who made my school days awesome.. I thought of writing about them later. But they keep on asking every time I publish a story.. “So.. When are you going to write about us??” “Next is our story, right??” “Hey girl, for how long should we wait?? 🙄”

When I think about them, I don’t remember a particular incident to write about… Every single day was filled with fun and joy… Today I’ll write briefly about our gang and its members..


The number seven goes well with gang formation.. If you wish to carry your childhood friends lifelong, form a gang with seven members, I assure you.. I have several such examples..

The idea of forming a gang clicked in Rosy‘s brain when we were in our sixth std.. Till fifth std, I was in ‘A’ section and all the other girls were in ‘B’ section..

I knew Rosy since LKG… I used to meet her and the other girls during breaks and in the school bus.. In sixth std, both the sections combined and our gang was officially formed by Rosy..

Our names were enrolled in seven stars and it was SEALED.. It was well protected that none could exit or enter..

Our gang is a perfect example for unity in diversity… Each one of us was different but we blended together well..We shared our secrets and we made sure that every other person in our gang knew about it.. Lunch breaks used to be the best part of the day… We enjoyed tasting everything from everyone’s lunch box..Let me tell about each of us one by one…


I think its right to call her the gang leader.. She was our gang’s beauty queen..She used to bring pudina chammanthi almost everyday.. She studied with us till eighth std, then got transferred to some other school..We terribly missed her and contacted through phone and letters.. As expected, she formed a gang there too😀..


She was our gang’s Hindi pandit.. She often puzzled our hindi miss with her freshly coined hindi words.. Just give her two words and she could frame a sentence with words that her mouth spontaneously generates.. Whenever I think about her, this sentence comes to my mind.. “shamphu chidiya ko jane vala” something like that…And she was a foodie too..She used to bring chicken curry atleast three days a week..


She is our gang’s silent girl… Whatever you tease or ask her, her reply would be a wide smile. She used to bring a potato kootu which I like… It’s been so long since we met this girl.. Eagerly waiting to meet her in upcoming occasions..


She is a nice girl type of girl.. You cannot find her hurting someone. She used to bring something like puttu-dosa with coconut gratings on it..She was known for her glass bangles which she had in many colours like black, red, green, blue etc.. Strong lady.. Now she’s a mother of three kids.. As decided in our school days, I became her eldest son’s God mother..She’s a great singer.. She used to sing “kunnu manasin nombarangal” every time she was asked to sing..


She’s our gang’s comedian..She is such a spontaneous comedian that people around her keeps laughing.. She was the only girl who used to wake up at four in the morning.. She likes mezhuku perati (I guess I spelled it right) of veggies like lady’s finger and potato and used to bring it most of the days..


She’s our gang’s ilayaraja.. Yeah, she said that she was a harmonium player, but we never heard her playing..But we heard her singing several times.. Both Dancy and Penta were part of our school choir.. She has a cute heart shaped face… She used to bring rice grown in their own paddy field… While eating, she used to make rice balls round and round and round and then put in her mouth…

7.And finally it’s me

I was the most studious girl in our gang… As you know, I don’t like bragging more about myself.. 😉

This is just an introduction… Keep waiting for the many stories to follow…


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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