Remember the last time you confessed?

Mine was about two and a half years back, which was a heartful one..Confession is a sacrament which helps Catholics to repent for their sins and to ask God’s forgiveness.. It keeps us sin-free at least for a week that succeeds..

But it is not the case when I was a kid..

MG School

I studied in MG School, which is a Christian school, for ten long years.. This is where I made a lot of good memories and good friends.. This school played a major role in moulding me perfectly..

There’s a church in the school campus, where we pray on every Wednesday.. Everybody holds a song book and sings together.

Holy day

A holy mass is conducted on a Friday, every month. This is in fact a jolly day, as it sacrifices two class hours, which mostly includes history class (a separate post is needed to describe about this class).. Most of the students attend the mass while some remain in the classroom.. Senior students who are assigned to maintain discipline in these classrooms, do their best to entertain these kids..

I remember a proud look pasted on my face when we leave for the mass.. The same look reappears on my face, in the church, when it’s time for the holy communion (sorry dear God!!)..

After the holy mass ends, older kids get the privilege of sacrificing two more classes by taking part in confession.. We sit in the church with utmost silence, preparing a list of our sins.. When it’s my turn to confess, the proud face reappears for the third time.

I have a set of five decent sins which I repeat every time I confess..(Hope everyone has the same set of sins..)

  1. I fight with my mom.
  2. I fight with my little brother.
  3. I lie sometimes.
  4. I don’t pray regularly.
  5. I don’t control my anger.

Rev.Father shower some prayer advice after I finish this..

My friend had a different experience once.. Like everybody, she spent some minutes on recalling her sins.. But she had a black out when she was about to recount her sins.. After a minute of silence, Rev.Father showered some prayer advice and she left.. She shared this little secret with me..

Hoping to have a sincere confession in the near future.. 😃


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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