UKG Part 1

Childhood is certainly the best phase of everyone’s life, kindergarten being the cutest part… Travel with me down the memory lane and let’s re-visit some of my UKG memories..

My Birthday

At school, teachers and friends do their best to make birthday baby feel like the star of the day.. The new dress and extra smile add to the beauty of the birthday kid.. She’s always surrounded by a bunch of kids who accompany her in distributing chocolates..

I used to get coffee bite for most of my birthdays.. It was my favourite toffee back then.. I miss it’s taste as it is missing in the new one..

My UKG birthday was so special to me as I got some memorable gifts from our principal.. Every kid’s birthday was celebrated in the school assembly, so was mine.. Together they sang the happy birthday song as I stood infront of everyone.. Then I distributed toffees to all the kids and teachers..

Then our principal Rev.Sister gave away these wonderful gifts : a balloon, a small golden safety pin and a colourful beaded hairband.. What better gift can a UKG kid receive??!! I was the happiest kid in the whole world..

My first dance

I performed my first solo dance on stage when I was in UKG.. The same dance was performed one more time when I was in first std.. That marked an end to my dance life.. 😂

My mom who was a great dancer when she was young(as she said), expected the same from her daughter and enrolled me in a dance class.. It was Bharatanatiyam (dance of tamilnadu) which is the world’s most difficult dance requiring graceful movements and facial expressions.. Within a few days, our dance guru and me realised that this dance thing is not my cup of tea.. So he taught me an easier dance for half of a song, which I decided to perform for my UKG school day..

The school day: My dance guru arranged a makeup man who painted something on my face to make it white, pure white.. Then a bright red lipstick is painted on my lips and some coloured feathers are planted on my hair.. He made sure that the makeup is more bizarre than the dance that is to be performed..A closely related image is attached..

I did an uneventful performance.. The only eventful thing is, my mom had to stop the song in between as I was taught for only half of the song..

Wound Healer

Back then we kids had the belief that scrapings from coconut tree leaves are powerful wound healers.. Once our friend, Ajay Varun, came to school with a fresh injury on his knee.. During break, we took him near a coconut tree, collected as much scrapings as possible and spread over his wound.. Poor guy, didn’t utter a word!!


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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