Shakalaka Babies

I’m bored of staying as a four year old kid.. So I’ve decided to relive my college days by sharing some of my favourite moments in college..

I was fortunate to have studied in a Govt Medical college just 40kms away from home.. Before stepping into college, I had this assumption that medical college is kinda boring, filled with studious people..No, it’s a myth.. Within a few months, I realised that medical college is fun.. Yeah, it’s no less than an arts college..

We celebrate every occasion including gala cultural events.. The best part is, we students have to arrange everything from A to Z.. The organising batch is usually a senior batch with a chairman, male and female general secretaries, cultural secretaries, sport secretaries, magazine secretaries and thamil mantram secretaries.. All the junior batches participate and one batch wins the overall trophy πŸ†

2009-2010 Culturals

This culturals is very important for me and 4 other girls because this is when we took group song competition to vera level (something greatπŸ˜‰).. Personally, it’s my favourite among the three we performed in college.. The other two songs left no trace..

Please don’t imagine a breathtaking performance by a hi-fi band.. It’s the worst group song one could ever see.. But we did it with great enthusiasm and the crowd really enjoyed it… That’s all needed..πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

Shakalaka baby

On the day before culturals, we came to know that one more team has to participate in the group song competition from our batch.. So me and three other girls – Fire, Kavi, Vinya and Devayani decided to participate.. Five girls with five different voices..

While all the other teams were ready with their best songs with karaoke, we were searching for songs and clicked Shakalaka baby song from the movie Mudalvan.. Got the lyrics and wrote on a paper.. But we couldn’t get a good karaoke.. Provided with less time, we decided to do our best with our voice alone..

Okay girls, start music.. We started practicing but it felt bare without karaoke and our voices didn’t blend well.. “So we are not gonna grab a prize.. Let’s just entertain the crowd”..

On the next day, we got ready in our best outfits and came to the auditorium.. Most of the other teams took our breath away with their rocking performances.. Another team from our batch blissed us out with their soulful melody..

So we decided to find a property to add colour to our song.. A creative girl plucked a balloon sticked on the wall and painted the word “No” on it..I took the balloon and the other girls painted No on their palms..

It’s our turn.. We reached the stage with the no balloon in my hand.. We started singing, sorry shouting or screaming (put a word you like).. “shakalaka baby shakalaka baby…” The crowd started shouting and screaming in return.. We sang in our own way sans obligations, with utmost confidence that winning is far away..The best performer is our No Balloon which jumps and dances when we sing “no no no no no no no….” I waved the balloon and others waved their palms during this part of the song.. Somehow managed to finish singing without raw eggs and tomatoes from the crowd..

On our way back from stage, we received multiple comments like “Ppaaahh…power-packed performance”, “This is what entertainment is.. We really enjoyed..” but the best one is, “enna thairiyathula ma neenga stage’la poi paadineenga?? “ I’m still thinking what to reply..🀣🀣


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

4 thoughts on “Shakalaka Babies”

  1. Haha ha.. Superb bibi.. The way you narrated was very realistic.. Bibi thanks for sharing this and reminding those funny days.. Missing our college days very badly..


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