LKG Part 1

After completing Pre-KG, I got transferred to another Kindergarten school named Baby Jesus in our locality.. In this post, I’ve compiled some of my school memories when I was in LKG..

My school uniform

I love my LKG school uniform which was a bit different from others.. It has a blue and white checked pinafore dress matched with an inner white shirt, a blue tie and a belt with our school logo engraved..

This uniform is worn everyday except on Wednesdays, when we bring out the fashionista in us with the help of our designer moms😜.. Yeah, Go Colours on every Wednesday..

I had a favourite dress which I used to wear most of the days.. It is a frock with elbow length sleeves with some dangling shells attached at the end of sleeves.. It was our principal, Rev.Sister.Usha’s favourite dress too.. I used to brag about this dress,“my dad bought this dress from foreign”, whenever people asked about that dress😎.. My dad is a poor shopper.. Somehow he managed to get this one…

Drawing class

This is my most favourite class till date.. Of course, every kid’s favourite.. No need to sing rhymes out loud and no need to reproduce memorised stories infront of everyone.. And most importantly no need to draw the most difficult ABCs and 123s..

Our drawing miss enters the class with a big smile and a big tray full of broken crayons of all colours.. We are ready with our drawing books opened.. We don’t have to draw anything.. It’s already drawn in that book.. Apple, square, circle and many other objects and shapes.. All we have to do is colour the object within the boundary… Our teacher’s comments varies from very good to good to poor depending on how much the boundary is crossed..

The best part is getting crayons from our miss..We have to wait in a long queue with our drawing book opened..The crayon tray is placed on the table..Our drawing miss streaks the picture with the required crayons and gives the crayons to us.. For eg, consider the picture of an apple. She streaks the leaf with a green and the fruit with a red crayon.. We have to fill the rest within the boundary..

Only lucky guys get long bits of crayons.. Others have to adjust with small pieces.. And before the class ends, all the pieces should be returned without fail..

Biter Boy

There is a boy named Virmal, who is the Angry Bird of our school..He is so aggressive that he bites everyone on his way.. So we run away on seeing his shadow.. Once he bit a girl to an extend that blood started oozing from that site.. She was then taken to hospital by our teachers..Happy biting 😂😂

New point added: My friend Rosy just revealed, she too was victim of his bite🤣

Her own words:
He s a day he pushed me and i fell down from our school stitches on my head too😩still remembering i cried and our jessy miss and usha sis were with pet of them those days..usha sis also cried seeing me..


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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