Things enjoyed only by 90’s kids – part 2

1.Tangy Tamarind

Ever tasted a not-so-ripe-not-so-raw tamarind? Ppaahhh!! I’m salivating as I’m typing this… Can’t stop.. Reading the above lines and still drooling!!!

There is a big tamarind tree in our school ground.. We seven used to visit the tree during lunch breaks to pluck or pick tamarinds.. Only lucky ones get the perfect mouth-watering tamarinds as described above..

I should mention about this thing called puli mittai which is a tangy tamarind sweet, available in packs just for one rupee..

2.Fun-filled festivals

Nowadays there is not much difference between a normal day and a festival day.. Nowadays, We wear new dresses every now and then, tv programmes are special everyday and there is no such thing like visiting relatives..

When I was a kid, a pre-festival shopping with all the family members preceded every festival.. After coming home, mom used to try my new dress on me which I refuse to remove for the whole day… Sometimes I spoiled the dress to an extend that she had to get a new one again..

I should mention about our special festival delicacies.. Oratti with chicken curry is our breakfast on every festival… There is a thing called paachoru, made using rice, grams, jaggery and coconut gratings.. It’s a sweet prepared on August 15th every year.. Ela paniyaram is made on every festival.. It is made using rice flour and coconut, stuffed in banana leaf pieces(As I hail from Kanyakumari district, there is coconut in every thing)..Good Friday marks the death of Jesus Christ.. So non-veg is avoided on that holy day..Instead, our people cook a wide variety of veggie dishes like aviyal, ginger kootu, poriyal, vellarika kootu etc.. (Jesus cries😂😂)..

Festival shops with colourful toys, goodies and sweets occupy the street near church.. We kids, get money from parents and relatives for toy shopping… Relatives, residing in other places, visit us to add fun and joy to the festival..

In our place, there would be open movie screening in the beach.. We used to go and enjoy with relatives and neighbours..

3.Kerosene lamp

Remember the good old days when we used to sit around a dim kerosene lamp when power supply is interrupted? When there is power interruption in the middle of study time, we kids happily close our books and have fun-filled family time sharing jokes and gossips..Kerosene lamp provided a good ambience with its dim light.. I hate these days, when there is no such scenario, with the advent of inverters..

4.Moonlight dinner

Longing for those good old days when our home was near the beach, with no compound walls around.. At night we used to have dinner along with our neighbours infront of our home, right under the moon, enjoying the gentle sea breeze.. No television or gadgets during dinner time.. All kinda news, comedies, gossips and discussions take place there.. Sometimes I sleep there on the soft sand or on mom’s lap hearing granny’s old stories…

We followed this moonlight dinner tradition till a few years back, but with some difference.. Infront of a big house, surrounded by compound walls, with people in vehicles watching us when they cross our home..So it’s no more followed..

Now we share our dinner with Big Boss, Super Singers and a panel of four guys who sit and discuss about the most hot topic..

5.Long walks

My granny often tells my son, “walk with me holding my hands and talk about things you see on the way, like your mom did”..

When I was around four years old, We used to walk to mootha mummy’s house which is about 2 kms away… I was a bit talkative then.. Like every grandparent, my granny enjoyed my mazhalai tamil… I never made her carry me like my cousin Shina did.. I used to hold her hands and walk as long as required.. But the adverse effect was that there were some shops on the way and she had to get me whatever I asked for.. Of course a worthy walk😉

Nowadays we take car or bike even for a 300m distance.. Things have changed a lot.. Certainly, 90’s kids are in a transition period..


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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