It’s been long since I posted something..Since I re-started my job after a long long maternity leave, I find myself tired and lazy most of the time.. It’s not a tiresome job after all.. May be the highly infectious working atmosphere requires more energy for my body to fight.. A good nap in the afternoon is a must.. Thankfully my kid sleeps every afternoon..

Today I’m going to write about some of my oldest memories.. The incidents which I remember when I was in my Pre-KG..

“New Life” school

It was the best kindergarten school in our locality.. No school bus.. Our parents had to carry us along with our bags to school.. Our teachers and aaya aunty made sure that we were clean and had powder on face all the time, especially in the evening..😎

The smell of “pichi poo”(wild jasmine) still reminds me of that school..

And the smell of “tiffin box food” reminds me of every school I studied..

The usual contents in my lunch bag

  • A steel lunch box with my name engraved.. Rice, chammanthi and egg were regular occupants.. Kootu alone changes everyday, but nothing more than carrot, beetroot, cabbage, beans and this thing called aviyal.. God!!Who on earth invented this aviyal!!! It is a universal aversion food hated by every school student.. But it becomes our most favourite kootu once we step into college… Don’t know how🤔
  • A plastic tiffin box with snacks in it.. It used to be my favourite savouries, cakes and biscuits most of the days.. But sometimes my mom turned me down with a thing she prepared in the name of snacks “a big banana cut into small round pieces, with sugar sprinkled over it”… Uwwaaakk.. I hated this thing..
  • A bottle of water.. Let me describe this bottle.. It is short and wide, has an outer and an inner lid, has a string attached.. It can be worn around our neck.. I’ve attached a closely related image..
  • A bottle of milk.. I hated that smell, but was forced to drink by my teacher..

My pinch friend

When I think of a person to write about, she comes to my mind.. She’s my not-so-friendly friend Raka..

We had a nap hour every afternoon… After our lunch break, we were made to sleep, two persons sharing a mat..

This girl named Raka, who never accompanied me during class hours, liked sharing my mat every time.. She might be jealous of my cute face with flawless skin that she wanted to hurt my face 😉.. She used to pinch my face and never allowed me to sleep..

One evening, after returning from school, mom noticed marks on my face and asked about it.. Knowing how she would react, I fearfully disclosed the truth.. As expected, she took me to school and complained about it… From the next day Raka was made to sleep somewhere else..

Chubby little boy

I had this bad habit of pinching chubby kids when no one noticed..

There was a boy named Fani who used to sit near me in classroom… He was cute, short and chubby.. Obviously, someone whom I liked pinching..

He used to sit and sleep always, even when the whole class shouts.. Woww!What an opportunity!! I used to pinch, pinch and pinch… Poor kid, continued sleeping…

I studied there just for one year and then got transferred to another school… It still functions as a kindergarden school.. Whenever I cross that school, my mind craves to go back to that cute and innocent phase of my life..


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

13 thoughts on “Pre-KG”

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  2. Sugar-dipped banana pieces and a flask full of milk. I too grew up fighting their pungent smell in my childhood. The only memory that makes us feel good about surpassing childhood.
    And yeah, aaya paati and mandatory naptime. Haha… I miss those good ol’ days. Now I don’t have an aaya paati to check if my face is powdered and the naptime is a long-forgotten piece of routine in my journey as a mom.

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  3. So you did the same ,, which raka did to that chubby boy…but went unnoticed so that his mom didn’t complaint on you???😁

    School days were always to be cherished ..
    NYC blog that helped in reviving those beautiful memories 👍

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