A new little star

This story is about a cute little star that suddenly appeared in my sky..

I did my solo performance at home for eight long years… I was my parents’ one and only child and I enjoyed its pros and cons.. I grabbed my parents’ full attention and love.. I got whatever I wanted, from food to toys and clothes.. At the same, I envied my friends and cousins who had siblings.. I had none of my own to play with..

The good news

It happened when I was in my 2nd std..

It was a holiday.. I was playing outside in the morning while mom and dad has some discussion inside.. Then dad came out with a happy face to let me know the good news..

He said, “moley, mummy’ka vayithula oru thambi paapa iruku”, which means, “mom is carrying a BABY BOY inside” (He guessed it right).. I could see mom blushing.. 😃 😃

It sounded nice, but why couldn’t these guys plan it a bit earlier..

The days followed went awful.. I could remember nothing but mom vomiting (often blood-stained) and lying on the sand outside, throughout the prenatal period.. The only thing she liked eating was packed meals from hotel.. She said about her similar experience when I was inside her.. O’ Lord, why only ladies should suffer giving birth!!!

Arrival of the little star

One fine day, after I was back from school, I got the news that mom was taken to hospital as her labour pain started.. Mootha mummy hurried me and my cousins to get ready.. Then we took an ambassador car and travelled for about two hours to reach the hospital..

I had this mixed feeling of happiness and fear, awaiting the new one’s arrival.. “will it be a boy or a girl?? Whom will he look like?? Will he like me??” and many more questions followed..

We arrived the hospital.. Mom was in labour room where kids were not allowed.. We could just hear her voice, shouting and crying out loud.. I remember my cousin shina, followed by me, running around the labour room and towards the windows, following mom’s cry…

After sometime, a nurse came out with a baby in her arms.. We ran towards her..It was a boy… “Look how cute he is!!” But how could God create something too tiny!!! The nurse mentioned that he was just 2.2kg..My granny cried looking at his size..

I tried to kiss him.. But the nurse stopped me from touching him.. Mom was adviced to give kangaroo mother care and keep him warm.. She then stayed at hospital for a couple of days while I continued my school routine.. At school I kept thinking, “God.. I can’t believe, I have a little brother now..”

On the day mom got discharged, we went to pick her up in the same ambassador car.. The speciality of this car is that any number of people can be stuffed inside.. On the way back we bought two sweaters (a peach one and a green one), to keep him warm..

Happy days followed.. Shina, who was in LKG then, bunked school several days and stayed with him..

This cute little star then turned out to be a really naughty kid..


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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