Fight Fright and Flower

Have you ever heard of any flower that protects you from getting hurt?? I have…

And the flower that was supposed to protect me turned out to be the reason for that tragedy!!!

Senior advisor

It happened when I was in my 1st std..My school senior Sha accompanied me to school everyday… She was just 2 or 3 years elder than me.. But she seemed to be big, really big...

We had to walk through a college campus in our neighbourhood.. It’s a very old college, where my mom studied… We used to start our days fresh watching the birds and trees on the way..

One fine day, Senior Sha noticed that tall tree bearing spiral shaped flowers and the dried ones on the ground.. In those days I used to believe whatever that really big girl said… Poor innocent kid!!

Her words are still fresh “intha poo un kaila iruntha unna yarum adika matanga” .i.e, “none will hurt you if these flowers are in your hand”..

OMG!!!! “This is what I want” At that moment I could think about nothing but my mom’s beatings.. Finally I found a saviour which could protect me from her!!

I collected as much dried flowers as possible, as if it was not available in the rest of the world, and dropped in my bag..

A really happy day it was..

Tragic evening

That evening I came home with an enna-yaralum-onnum-panna-mudiyathu mindset.. He he!!

6 pm, study time.. I slowly opened my bag, took two flowers and came near my mom.. As usual, she was there, ready with her weapon and my books..No positive parenting in those days..

I fisted my hand tight enough to make sure that the flowers were hidden in my tiny little hand..

OMG!!! She saw my fisted hand.. “aiyo pochu.. Flower God protect me protect me”

She asked me to open my hand.. Nooo… I tightened further.. Damakkk… Kai mela oru adi.. The Saviour Flower couldn’t protect me… She hit my hand hard till I opened my hand..

I was crying, simultaneously remembering my senior’s words, “intha poo un kaila iruntha unna yarum adika matanga”..


Author: Bibiana Darwin

I'm a doctor and mother of a baby...I find blogging as a stress buster.. I use this blog in treasuring my good old memories..Here you can find some real incidents that happened in my life, presented in the best way I can..Some life quotes and tips are also stuffed in between

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